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Thursday 2 questions.

This is my first time doing this relatively new meme, called Thursday 2 questions.1) How important is it to you to have comments on your post? I like comments, they’re fun. 2) Do you try to leave a meaningful comment, or one/two word most of the time? Usually I try to leave meaningful comments, then

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Blog 365

There used to be this thing called blog 365, where you tried to blog every single day for a year. As far as I know, the site doesn’t exist anymore, but I’d still like to give it a try. So, starting 1/1/2011, I’m going to try and blog every day… for the whole year! I’m

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Happy birthdday to… blogger!

Yep, today’s blogger’s 11th birthday! Yay! I was just reading blogger buzz, and blogger stats are out of draft now! Yay! they’re even having parties. Although I won’t be attending, I love blogger! Yep, I’m a huge fan!


Yesterday, my friend from church, her boyfriend and I all went out on his boat. It was like a 2nd birthday thing for me. We also got to go swimming! After the boat ride, we came back to my friend’s house and had a really, really big dinner! It was really flippin good! We had

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