A quandary.

I didn’t really do much today, until my dad called and asked if I wanted to go to dinner with them. Here’s the thing, they were already downstairs waiting for me! They completely forgot to call before they left, so they decided to call while they were here waiting for me. My friend and I … [Read more…]

The midnight call.

Yep, someone called me at midnight last night. A couple days ago, I dropped my home phone and broke the battery, I’ve been using my cell phone since then. I did get a new phone yesterday, it’s charging right now. But either someone got the wrong number, or someone called me for some strange reason … [Read more…]

Thursday 13 12

CES, (the consumer electronics show,) started this week. If you don’t know CES, it’s where lots of companies announce their new stuff. I get all excited about it every year for several reasons. First, I think being there would be one of the funnest things ever. 2nd is all the cool stuff, but sometimes some … [Read more…]