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G is for Gab and gratitude.

Lol OK, gratitude should come first! However we’re doing this in alphabetical order, so Gab comes first! is the social network I joined back in December. I’m meeting lots of interesting people there, and they all like to ask me questions! I don’t mind the questions at all, that’s mostly what I’m there for.

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B is for Bible and blogging.

Oh yes, yes it is! The Bible is the most important book you’ll ever read in your life, (if you’re a Christian.) I think daily Bible reading is one of the best habits one can get into. Bible journaling is even better. Unfortunately, I can’t keep up with that though, so I often get behind.

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A is also for Audio and August.

I decided to tackle 2 in one post this time, because they’re both short. A is for Audio, something that I consider a bit of a hobby of mine. If/when I have extra money to get better equipment, I’d like to start podcasting again. I’ll be participating in AUdiomo in June. A is also for

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A is for adventure.

I’m starting the #atozchallenge today. It’s a blogging challenge where you post something from A to Z each day. Although I have several things for each letter, so I’ll probably be doing multiple posts. Apparently we’re supposed to not post on Sundays. Well I’ll be breaking that rule because like I said I have several

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I’m starting lent today.

OK OK, I don’t normally observe Lent. It’s something that is looked upon as old-fashion in the evangelical tradition. Lol but I don’t agree with every tradition, and this is one of them. I’ve never observed Lent before because it wasn’t encouraged in my church. Lol but that doesn’t mean I can’t do it myself!

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