The Christmas wishlist I didn’t send to my family.

Why didn’t I send these things to my family? Well, because I knew I wouldn’t get them of course! Actually I think there’s one thing on here I did put on the family list. gift certificate. This is the one thing I did put on the list for family. SugarWish! This is a site … [Read more…]

Yesterday and today.

I rode the bus to church yesterday. This doesn’t normally happen, the children’s pastor’s husband happened to be driving the bus yesterday, so he brought the bus to pick me up. I used to ride the bus back in 2012, but the bus would only come every other Sunday, and I missed it a couple … [Read more…]

UPS weirdness!

I ordered a Christmas gift for my Grandma on December 10th, and it didn’t get here until today. Amazon emailed me to let me know that UPS couldn’t deliver the package, and gave me a tracking number, but didn’t tell me why. When I called UPS yesterday to ask them, they said it’s because my … [Read more…]

Plans for tomorrow.

I’ll be going to the Christmas fair with mom, my sister, and a friend of there’s tomorrow. I think we’re supposed to meet the lady around 11 tomorrow morning, not sure how long we’ll be there. Why I said yes to this, I have no idea. Oh well, maybe I’ll actually start my Christmas shopping, … [Read more…]