I got all my shopping done today! I went to lunch with mom, grandma, and my sister and went shopping afterwards. I had no idea we were going to lunch until mom called me and asked me if I was ready. Yeah, that’s how things work in my family, they plan stuff and don’t tell … [Read more…]


I finally finished my Christmas list today! Mom was just complaining about how it was late yesterday, and she said “you’re usually done in September, what happened?” Uh… I’m never, (and I’ve never been,) done in September! I always start the list in September, and finish in November. For some reason the past couple years … [Read more…]

Merry Christmas!

I’ll be leaving soon to go to my parent’s house to spend the night, as I usually do on Christmas Eve. But, just thought I would post first. Have a Merry Christmas, (whoever might be reading this.)