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13 things I’m looking forward to, and/or worried about, plus maybe a few random things.

If I can’t come up with 13 things I’m looking forward to, or 13 things I’m worried about, why not do both in one list? I might toss in a few random links and things just for fun. I’m looking forward to home group tomorrow night. Our church has a couple small groups that meet

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31 things before 35 4.

I’ve gotten a bit of a cold it seems. I didn’t feel well all day yesterday, and I still don’t feel that well today. Today I’m going to talk about the day I was baptized. It was Easter Sunday 2007. Being baptized was something I’d wanted to do for like 10-12 years before that. When

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I went to church!

I did end up making it to church on Sunday! The bus driver called me around 9;30 to tell me he’d be picking me up at 10. I hadn’t been to church for like a month or so, so I definitely enjoyed it! Since it was just me on the bus, the bus driver took

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Church and stuff.

I called my old church today, to ask if they still offered bus transport. I kept forgetting to do this. I was supposed to do it last week, lol! They said they’re still doing the bus thing. Hopefully they’ll be able to get someone to pick me up Sunday. If not, it will have to

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Feeling Better!

I’m feeling better today, I stayed home and rested, (mostely slept.) I was going to go to church with Melissa but decided not to, as I was still pretty tired. I still do have a bit of a headache, will try and deal with that when I’m at the doctor tomorrow, among other things. I

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31 songs day 4.

OK I skipped day 4 last night since I didn’t feel well. Here comes day 4 on what should actually be day 5. Don’t worry I’ll do a second post. The song for today is “Old Church Choir,” by Zach Williams Lyrics: There’s revival, and it’s spreading Like a wildfire in my heart Sunday morning,

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I managed to get back to church today.

After missing 3 weeks in a row, I managed to get myself up and to church. It’s weird being gone from church for a while, and then when you come back, you tend to have a different perspective on things. Last night, at like 9:00, I heard a knock on my door. Turns out, my

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I wrote a Sunday school lesson this morning!

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to teach it, because the children’s pastor wasn’t able to check her email in time. The lesson is on wisdom. Our lesson last week was about “smart verses wise.” You can have a lot of knowledge, but there are times we all do things that aren’t very prudent, or are foolish.

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Today… in list form.

It was a very short church service today. We worshiped, some of the girls did a dance, and then the kids had their play. After service, we had the church-wide potluck. During service, Pastor announced that there will be a Christmas eve service, and a Christmas morning one, but not one on New Years day.

Really short list updates!

So I was going to do this on Thursday but I well… obviously didn’t. Actually I only completed one goal this month, so it isn’t worth making a list about. Goals completed: Find a way to serve in church.

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