Paid in full.

Yesterday, I found out my HP transaction is going to be paid in full. That means I won’t have to wait until next month to start over. I was swarn to secrecy, so I can’t say who’s giving me the chance at a “wait wait,” moment, but let’s just say that I still can’t believe … [Read more…]

Thursday Lister: the “does this really have to happen now?” edition.

Lol, I have 3 things on the list that I really, really didn’t want to happen this week and next! The first thing happened Sunday night. I had my AC running, and I was sitting here checking email and Twitter. All of a sudden, I heard a really loud vibrating sound, (the kind of sound … [Read more…]

I finally got my laptop back!

Well, I actually got it back on Wednesday. Although I didn’t set it up until Friday. When I set it up, I immediately noticed that Upon replacing the motherboard and fixing the problem, Dell broke my function first setting. Since I run Windows 10, (I’ve been doing this last summer,) I wondered if they gave … [Read more…]

Family fun Sunday.

Today was family Fun Sunday at our church. This time, the theme was Fiesta, and the food was very good! As we did last time, we had contests and games. It was a lot of fun! I didn’t end up getting home until around 2:30. On a completely unrelated note, we sent my laptop off … [Read more…]

Yay for Office 2003!

Not for me, because I have Office 2010 on this system. Mom called me this morning to ask if I had an office disc, I wasn’t sure at first, then I realized I probably did have an Office 2003 disc. Office 2003 won’t open mom’s office 2007 documents on it’s own though, (there’s a plugin … [Read more…]

The really big crash!

I was putting together my weekly newsletter around 10:30 this morning, and everything decided to flinch bigtime for some reason. I still don’t know why, but I wasn’t able to get back up and running for like an hour afterwards. The service I use is TinyLetter, and I’m really not sure what caused the crash. … [Read more…]

Back up.

My friend and I spent most of the day on the phone with HP support. They walked us through lots of things, but in the end, a full restoration had to be done. My friend had to leave to go to her boyfriend’s chiropractor appointment. When they came back, we managed to complete the setup … [Read more…]

A question

What do you think happens to a blogger once they disappear? Do you think they give up? Take up a new hobby? Do it all on Facebook??? Most likely it’s because of twitter, but some people probably just forget. I know I wouldn’t use facebook for blogging, and for me, Twitter doesn’t make much sense … [Read more…]