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L is for LastPass and Linklocker.

Both of these are services I use on a daily basis, and I highly recommend both of them! LastPass, is my password manager of choice. I have it installed on all my browsers, (except IE, which I only use if something won’t work in anything else.) I even have it installed on Edge which I

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I set up Lastpass today.

lastpass is a password manager. You give it one master password that you remember, then let it generate the passwords for your various online accounts. Since passwords are supposed to be secure, and never be the same for anything, you should never be able to remember passwords. That’s the problem, since my passwords weren’t ever

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Weekly links for 1/30

Just a couple links for this week. Domain Shuffler It pulls from expired domain names and gives you a random one, then lets you shuffle through the list. Thsrs The Shorter thesaurus, put in a long word and get shorter synonyms. I found that second link completely by accident while surfing pinboard.

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