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Thursday 13 4

Here are 13 of my favorite sites. Google reader I’m an RSS fan! google reader helps with that. twitter Although I use twitter from a client interface now, I still love it! 43 things Cool site for keeping a list of goals! blogger for blogging, of course! posterous for helping with blogging, I use mine

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Audiotweet with twitwoop is a new site that will let you send tweets via a phone! You call a number, record a voice message, and twitwoop sends it to twitter! They will also tweet a link to the message for you, so your followers know that you left one. I tried twitwoop for the first time today!

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My google reader shared items

I’ve been playing around with google reader all day, (testing some of the new features.) I finally set up a shared items feed! I love google reader! I’m having a problem with the send to feature, but I suppose that’s to be expected, because it’s still beta-ish, yes… I said beta-ish. I’m not even sure

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