Doctor’s appointments.

Yesterday I had my follow-up appointment with my primary doctor. He said that despite being in the hospital, everything looked fairly normal since I’ve been home. My blood pressure was 102 over 83, so low but not really low. I didn’t have a feaver, I did ask him about giving me something for sleep, but … [Read more…]


I had a doctor’s appointment today. The one I have every 6 months for some reason, because my doctor think’s it’s necessary. I called in my prescriptions this morning. When I was at the doctor, I asked if they would be ready. He said, “They should.” We went to Kmart, and only 2 were ready, … [Read more…]


After waiting a week 9 days, I finally got my test results today. Everything’s fine, and I have no aneurisms whatsoever. I thought so, because they definitely weren’t in a big hurry to call me. Actually, I had to call them, then wait for them to call me back again. Other than that, not too … [Read more…]

My test.

I had my aneurism test done today, I had an MRI. Although the technician almost did the wrong test, she said she’d have to start an IV, I asked her what it was for. She started to say something completely different, I was like wait… I’m being tested for aneurisms! She read the report wrong, … [Read more…]

From the future to the past… or maybe the past to the future? Otherwise known as I’m taking one back!

So apparently, for some strange and completely unknown reason, I must like getting up at 1 AM. It’s 1:10, and I’m posting this because I realized that I forgot to post yesterday, and since we’re only a couple hours away from yesterday, I’ll back-date it and call it good! I was up at 1 AM … [Read more…]


I have a doctor’s appointment today. Mom is going with me, to talk to the doctor about me having an aneurism test, which her neuro surgin recommended. Otherwise, this will be just the normal checkup that my doctor insists I have every 6 months. Although he’ll probably insist I have lab tests done too, which … [Read more…]