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This makes 2000!

2000 posts on this here blog, that is. If I had all my content since 2003, it would probably be a couple hundred more by now. Oh hey, guess what? I have a link to those old entries, and it’s right here. They’ll probably exist as long as Diaryland exists, because well I forgot the

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I’ve been busy today!

Yes, yes I have! Someone recommended Emails to RSS to me a while ago, (last September, in fact,) and I just started using it today. The service was over quota when I first looked at it, it’s using Google app engine, (which is a free service, although of course it gives you higher limits if

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I signed up for Hotmail.

I decided to sign up for Hotmail today, with the goal of eventually being able to delete my Google account. It feels a bit weird using Hotmail, because it used to be one of those things that if you use it, people either think you’re a spammer or they don’t take you that seriously. I

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