Merry Christmas from me!

I just want to wish anyone who might be reading a Merry Christmas! We won’t start opening presents until my family gets here later today. No, I have no idea what time that will be because they won’t tell me. Unfortunately I have quite the headache today so it will be interesting with 3 kids … [Read more…]

Reunion weekend.

Today we went to my great uncle’s house for the reunion. We spent about 5 hours there. it was a lot of talking etc, but the time went by fast. It wasn’t as boring as I thought it would be! I even drank one of my sister’s beers! tomorrow we go to the goodbye breakfast, … [Read more…]


Yesterday we went out to dinner to celebrate my sister’s birthday and father’s day. We ended up going to pizza around 5:30 last night. I say around 5:30, because it was actually closer to 5. I was in the middle of getting ready, (at almost 5:00 exactly, when I got a call from dad saying … [Read more…]

The past few days.

My grandma called me on Wednesday to invite me to dinneron Sunday. The thing is, it’s about an hour and a half south of here. Of course she invited the rest of the family too, she just called my sister and I first. I wasn’t quite sure if we were going, so I called mom … [Read more…]


My aunt and uncle from Tennnessee were staying at my parent’s house, so today I went over there for a few hours. My mom was watching my niece today, as she will be all week. My sister didn’t get there until like 7, and we didn’t eat until like 7:30. Of course she wanted to … [Read more…]

Making Easter plans, and losing track of time.

Woops! I probably shouldn’t have let myself get distracted by cleaning out my SaveForLater folders, and lost track of time! I completely forgot that my publishing deadline was fast approaching! We’ve made Easter plans, because I needed to know what we were doing next weekend, so I could make arrangements. We’re going to the 9:00 … [Read more…]


I didn’t get to my parent’s house until around almost 2:30, because my sister didn’t get here until about 2. My mom wanted to eat around 3, but I don’t think the turkey was actually done until about 3:30-4. After dinner, I got to play with my niece, she brought me one of her toys, … [Read more…]