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Happy Mother’s Day!

OK so mom doesn’t read my blog. But if she did she would see this, (so no gift spoilers here!) But I thought I would take the time to wish anyone who does read the blog a happy Mother’s Day. I’ll be going over to my parent’s house sometime after church today. This could potentially

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I went grocery shopping yesterday. then, we went out to dinner to celibrate dad’s birthday. His birthday was Friday, but we had dinner last night. Mom and my sister got dad a flat screen TV! I want one of those, just because the TV I have now takes up a lot of space. Oh yeah,

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Our trip to Disney land.

Yesterday, we went to Disney Land. We spent all day there, (and into the evening.) We rode lots of rides! Space mountain was the best! It’s a rollercoaster that goes about 60 MPH! Can anyone say “woooohoooooooo?” We also rode Thunder Mountain, which is a rollercoaster that’s like a train. We went weightless a couple

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I’m going on a trip tomorrow!

My family and I are leaving tomorrow for a week-long trip to southern Ca. We’re actually flying this time, (woohoo!) Have I ever mentioned I like flying? As in, I really, really, really like flying? But, I don’t get to do it all that often, so I’m looking forward to it! I’m also looking forward

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A weekend trip.

Tomorrow mom, my sister, and I are leaving to go to Washington state to see my dad, who has been working there. We’re hopefully going to go to seattle, to go to the top of the space neetle, and fun stuff like that! So, mom will be coming over in a while to pick me

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7 quick takes 1

OK, I’ve never done 7 quick takes before, it’s a Friday thing, but I think I’m going to make it a Saturday thing here, (for now, anyway.) I’m overly glad I’m not using wordpress right now! it’s under attack! says Mashable and lots and lots of people on twitter! Regardless of weather people believe it’s

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Ziplining pictures!

My sister sent me some pictures of my family and I ziplining, last weekend, (on Saturday, of all days!) I’ve since been told that they are rotated, but I’m posting them here anyway. I’m using posterous as a gateway to post to my own blog, since bloggers image upload thingy isn’t all that accessible. These

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Leaving soon.

I’m leaving soon to go on a day trip with my family to go rafting. I haven’t gone in a while, so this should be fun! We’ll get back sometime this evening, but not sure when.

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