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I’m participating in Febooary this year.

Yeah I am! Lol because tradition is tradition! I’m taking time from generating ideas for my WA site to post this. OK, here’s day 1.Audio recording >>In the first recording, I talk about audio platforms, and which one I might decide to use.Here’s day 2:Record audio or upload mp3 >> In this one I answer

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Planning Febooary topics.

I’m planning to participate in Febooary, (like I usually do,) but this time, I’m going to be planning my own topics. That way I won’t just have to wing it when I decide not to answer the question provided. I’ll be posting them on Sound Upload, and archiving them here as I usually do.

Febooary 28th: the end…

I answer a list of questions about the end of Febooary in this recording for day 28.[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]

Febooary 26th: talking about various things.

I talk about my dance routine for the play being changed, and an update to my online backup situation, in this recording for the 26th of Febooary.[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]

Febooary 24th: thoughts on work.

I answer the question, “Does work really banish the three evils (boredom, vice and poverty)? Please Explain.” in this recording for the 24th of Febooary.[sc_embed_player fileurl=”″]

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