Happy Father’s day.

I just want to take the moment to wish anyone reading, (if there are dads reading,) a happy Father’s Day! Today was good, because it was also my sister’s birthday! So we had a Father’s Day and birthday dinner at my parent’s house tonight, complete with birthday cake! There were actually 2 cakes, because my … [Read more…]

Finally! We have domains!

I decided that today would be the day I registered lifes-adventures.me and webgurl.me! I used Hover as my domain registrar, for various reasons, the main one being that they didn’t support SOPA and PIPA, and acording to their tweets, they don’t support CISPA either. Not only that, the interface is definitely easier to work with … [Read more…]


This is my 700th post! I knew I was getting close, but didn’t realize I was that close until I looked just now. This morning I looked up how much data siri uses, it really depends on the use, but if you use it 15-20 times a day it’s probably about 30 MB per month. The … [Read more…]


I went to church this morning. We had one service at 10:00, after church, there was a potluck at a local park. My friend, her husband, and I, (this is the friend I went on retreat with,) went to the potluck. What I had forgotten when I said that I wouldn’t mind going, was that … [Read more…]

Saturday 9.

OK, so here’s a meme called Saturday 9, which involves answering 9 questions every Saturday. I’m not starting a weekly thing here, this is just for fun. 1. Has anyone ever intentionally ripped you off? Or perhaps unintentionally? I believe mom taking money without my permission, (when I wasn’t in town,) counts as “ripping me … [Read more…]