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I’m back.

I got back from my camping trip earlier today, (like around 12.) I had to ask Mark to post on the blog, because I didn’t have time to schedule a post. Just after I hit publish, dad called and said that he was coming to get me. So I had no time for anything else.

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A question.

Do you have guidelines for how you blog? Well I do in a way, and that’s to try not to reveal too much personal information. I never post addresses etc, because that’s an obvious thing. I also try not to talk about anything overly controversial, although I think I’ve broken that rule a few times.

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I had fun today!

So yeah I skipped Saturday 7 yesterday, then I was going to do it today, (well, a Sunday version of it, because I’ve actually done that once before.) I didn’t realize I’d be gone all day today, after church my friend and I went to the lake for a picnic with her husband, his brother,

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I’m glad I skipped Saturday 7 yesterday, because I didn’t get home until about 11:15 last night! When I got home, I went straight to bed without doing much else. The potluck was fun, it was a pretty nice day, and (it didn’t rain like they said it was supposed to, well except for a

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Before I leave…

So I’m obviously skipping Saturday 7 today, because I’m not sure when I’m coming back or if I would even want, (or remember,) to do it when I come back. I’ll be leaving for the potluck in about 45 minutes, and I’m not sure what time I’ll be back. Last night we went out to

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