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Latenight dancing!

Lol! Someone tweeted a link to a YouTube video on the Readathon account. Hah, that’s just what I needed for almost 1 AM! Latenight dancing is much fun! Oh yes, yes it is. I think I might make the coffee now, because it sounds really good. I want to finish it before the event ends.

Something hilarious happened!

Lol, I was in bed trying to get to sleep. I have to go to church tomorrow morning. All of a sudden I heard 2 cats meowing like crazy! They weren’t fighting, it wasn’t like that. It was more like um… well… ya know, making some woopy. Not only did I start laughing hilariously, but

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FedEx strangeness!

Yesterday morning at around 9, I heard a knock at my door. I wasn’t out of bed yet, so I well… let’s just say I didn’t have time to put on pants. I answered the door in a long T-shirt and my underwear. The guy said, “um… I think we have the wrong place.” I

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