Making Easter plans, and losing track of time.

Woops! I probably shouldn’t have let myself get distracted by cleaning out my SaveForLater folders, and lost track of time! I completely forgot that my publishing deadline was fast approaching! We’ve made Easter plans, because I needed to know what we were doing next weekend, so I could make arrangements. We’re going to the 9:00 … [Read more…]


I didn’t get to my parent’s house until around almost 2:30, because my sister didn’t get here until about 2. My mom wanted to eat around 3, but I don’t think the turkey was actually done until about 3:30-4. After dinner, I got to play with my niece, she brought me one of her toys, … [Read more…]

Happy 4th of july!

I just want to wish those celebrating a happy 4th of July! I’m posting this before I go over to my parent’s house for a barbecue, and then go watch the fireworks later tonight. I wasn’t sure what time I’d be back, so I decided to write a quick post now.

UPS weirdness!

I ordered a Christmas gift for my Grandma on December 10th, and it didn’t get here until today. Amazon emailed me to let me know that UPS couldn’t deliver the package, and gave me a tracking number, but didn’t tell me why. When I called UPS yesterday to ask them, they said it’s because my … [Read more…]

Today went well.

Today started out weird because dad didn’t get here until like 9. Service at my church starts at 9, and dad was here picking me up at like 8:55. Our church service this morning was amazing! Simple, basic, foundational, but extremely well done. Yeah, this is why I love my church, despite what anyone says. … [Read more…]

Happy NewYear!

I just watched the ball drop in Times Square for like the 29th year, (seriously, it’s like a life-long tradition.) Now I’m doing all the things that I didn’t manage to do at an earlier time, both because I’m still up, and because maybe I’m not quite ready to go to bed yet, (but I … [Read more…]