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M is for M&Ms and mail.

I just came up with M&Ms on the spot lol. M is one of the letters I had a harder time with for some reason. I really enjoy M&Ms! They’re probably one of my favorite candies, and I have quite a few! I like the plain, the peanut, the almond, and peanut butter the best.

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J is for journal.

I enjoy keeping a journal, but I really am terrible at keeping up with it! Right now I have a private WP installation that I’m using. I also just started using DailyDiary, again to help with the process. I was using it back in 2006 or so. Daily Diary is a site that will email

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I is for investigate/investigator.

Last year, when I was almost persuaded to convert to Mormonism by the local Sister missionaries, they called me an investigator. I really did like that term, it’s one of the things I did enjoy about the Mormon faith. I wanted to be a forensisist when I was growing up. In fact I always say

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H is for headaches and hospital.

In case you’re really, really new to this here blog and don’t know, I get headaches often. Like almost every day often, fortunately though, they’ve been a bit less severe over the past couple weeks and I’ve been able to deal with them. I was going to have botox treatments done, but my insurance declined

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D is for Dateline and dentist.

I really enjoy the TV news show Dateline. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to watch it lately because my digital antenna/TV is failing me. Not only that, but whenever I go to stream it online it just stops in the middle every time. I’m thinking I’m going to download the NBC app to be able

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C is for Chicken salad and coffee.

My caregiver and I made chicken salad today. This happened because a few weeks ago she said she was having chicken salad for dinner, and I basically said I wanted some. We went shopping on Friday for the ingredients, lol yeah, they’re still fresh! We got the salad in a bag, chicken of course, mushrooms,

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Update on my 2018 goals.

I actually have several goals in progress, and 3 complete so far. Completed: 42. Make a list of books I would like to read this year, to make choosing books easier, instead of the almost 500 books I have in my TBR list over on Goodreades.) Done February 2018. The list has 16 books on

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30 things about me.

I’m not a horse blogger but I saw a meme and said OK I’ll go for it! May As Well Event is the host of this little listy project. OK, here it goes. I love making lists! If you read my blog you probably already know that, but making lists is definitely a thing I

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Stuff I’ve been up to recently.

Well today I took a trip to the dentist. I think I enjoyed my stay in the hospital more than I’d ever enjoy going to the dentist! I absolutely hate that place! Thankfully, I just had to have a cleaning done today. I canceled the other appointment on Wednesday, which was for fillings, I really

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Currently March 2018.

So in order to give everyone a bit of insight into what I’m doing, I decided to join

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