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I went to the doctor today.

No, not because I’m sick or anything, just for a follow-up. Other than the fact that I had a pretty bad headache all weekend, I really had nothing to discuss. He ended up writing me a prescription for pain meds, for the headaches that last several days, and won’t go away after taking naproxin and

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Morning routine.

I planned some ideas for when I wasn’t feeling well or just wanted to get the blogging done fairly quickly. This is one of those. My morning routine, if I don’t spend all night online which I did last night lol! Yep, I still do that , is to get up anywhere between 5 and

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Well, that was fun!

Yep, watching election night coverage from CSPAN was a lot of fun! I’m not going to say too much about how everything turned out, other than the fact that I think it’s actually a good thing. What can I say? I always enjoy election night coverage. I’d also enjoy my bed right about now. I’ve

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My nephew’s birthday party.

Today was my nephew’s 12th birthday celebration. No, it wasn’t actually his birthday. There was a lot of drinking involved. Lol no I’m not drunk yet hah. I just has some wine. We had Pizza, my dad’s epic potato salad, ice cream, and there was a bond fire outside. The thing was really, really hot!

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Quick NaBloPoMo post.

OK OK, so I was all ready to do a TT, (Thursday 13,) list for today. Unfortunately my head had other plans. I’ve had a raging headache since I got up this morning. It’s the kind of headache that makes your eyes hurt, along with pretty much everything else up there lol. I’m thinking that

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13 things I’m looking forward to, and/or worried about, plus maybe a few random things.

If I can’t come up with 13 things I’m looking forward to, or 13 things I’m worried about, why not do both in one list? I might toss in a few random links and things just for fun. I’m looking forward to home group tomorrow night. Our church has a couple small groups that meet

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