Doctor’s appointments.

Yesterday I had my follow-up appointment with my primary doctor. He said that despite being in the hospital, everything looked fairly normal since I’ve been home. My blood pressure was 102 over 83, so low but not really low. I didn’t have a feaver, I did ask him about giving me something for sleep, but … [Read more…]

Feeling Better!

I’m feeling better today, I stayed home and rested, (mostely slept.) I was going to go to church with Melissa but decided not to, as I was still pretty tired. I still do have a bit of a headache, will try and deal with that when I’m at the doctor tomorrow, among other things. I … [Read more…]

This was a week!

Yep, yep it was. With the exception of lack of sleep the night before, everything started out normal Monday. I also didn’t sleep Monday night. The next day, I got up and couldn’t walk anywhere without falling. I was nauseaseous and throwing up. I had a feaver and a really, really bad headache. I also … [Read more…]

My CCC survival pack is on it’s way!

Yay! I got an epic bpackage from and it will be here tomorrow. This is bad because my sister will probably be here when it gets here not cool! Lol I tend to want to keep these things classified and private. Anyway, here’s what’s in my package. Cocoa Cappuccino Cordials Yogurt Malted Milk Balls … [Read more…]

Stuff happend this month.

Oh yeah, yep it did. For one I’m still on jury duty! I haven’t had to go in yet but if i do, I’m hoping it will be next week, not the week after. This is because I’d really not like to go in while CCC is happening and I’m getting up at 2:15 in … [Read more…]

Christmas cable.

Lol thanks to my sister, I now have 100 FT of cable running from my desk to my spare room. She came over to string it up last night and I said, “it’s just like putting up Christmas lights.” Fortunately, she was able to tape it to the walls and ceiling instead of running it … [Read more…]

My first ever jury summons!

yep, I got one. It took long enough, lol. Unfortunately transportation is a big issue because it’s random and unpredictable. It isn’t like we have rideshare here and I can just hop an Uber whenever I want. We do have public transport here, but the issue with that is I’m not sure if they come … [Read more…]

Getting rid of the cat.

Well trying to get rid of him anyway. I’ve posted on a group for rehoming pets on FB, and put an ad on Craigslist. So far, no one has responded. I’m going to call the shelter on Monday, to see if they’ll send someone to come get him. Melissa won’t take him, (technically she doesn’t … [Read more…]

thoughts and things.

Wow, I do really need to get back on the blogging train. It’s been like a week and a half since my last post so I thought I’d just do a listy update post thingy. Tigger the cat is back. He isn’t as destructive as he was when I had him a year and a … [Read more…]

My trip to the dentist.

Lol yeah, I actually broke the longest streak in my life and went to the dentist today. I hadn’t been since 2009. I need 4 extractions, 2 of which are my top wisdom teeth. I also need like 3 root canals. Lol yeah, I said 3. I’m hoping my insurance will authorize sedation so that … [Read more…]

Got back Monday.

I was actually planning to stay an extra day, but the relatives I was going to stay with decided to change plans at the last minute. This was extremely annoying, because I had a room reserved and everything! They said they were going to take a longer route home so I’d have to pay for … [Read more…]

My Suitcase is packed.

Melissa and I did that this afternoon, before leaving for yoga. Now all I’ll need to pack is meds, toiletries, and electronics before I leave. I’m bringing my laptop, but I’m also going to bring my phone, (obviously,) a lightning cable, the wall wart thingy, my keyboard and the power pack I got for Christmas … [Read more…]