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Finally! My iPod touch was just delivered to me! Mom just brought it over a little bit ago! I’m so excited! Now, to start learning how to use it. There are some really good demonstrations out there. After that, I have to fix my broken wi-fi network, so I can tweet from the iPod.


What have you been late for recently? I try not to be late for anything, although it does happen. I don’t remember being late to anything in the past couple weeks.via I forgot to take some turkey leftovers when I left my parent’s house Thursday night! So, they brought me some today.

The day before thanksgiving.

I was going to make a list of 13 things I’m thankful for, and do a Thursday 13 post. But, then I decided I probably didn’t have time to do it, and do all the surfing around that Thursday 13 comes with. So, I think I’ll do that tomorrow morning. My grandma came over today,

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Yep, I missed one.

I had a really, really, big and stressfull meeting yesterday, (I called it the “vesuvial meeting!”) Yep, “vesuvial” actually is a word, I looked it up. Today, I’m going to a memorial service for someone who I knew when I was little, (a family friend’s daughter.)


Of course, I didn’t do much today. But, I did go to church! I just got done watching Twit live. I looked for a meme thingy to do today, but decided not to do one. So, here’s the post you get, (LOL!)

Not much today.

Yep, I didn’t do anything today. I need to finish my Christmas wishlist, I keep running out of ideas! I think I’m passed my deadline, even though there isn’t supposed to be a deadline, (because it’s just a wishlist!) I think I’m almost done, though, if I could just think of a couple more things

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Skipping Thursday 13.

Yep, for the 2nd week in a row, I’m skipping Thursday 13! It isn’t that I have anything against Thursday 13, (I really love doing it!) But, today has been stressful, and I’m trying to get a major issue taken care of. I’m not sure I’m at liberty to go into details at this point.

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Not doing much today.

So yeah, after yesterday’s grocery shopping trip, and a pretty crazy week, today has been fairly uneventfull. I looked for a meme to do today, but didn’t find one, I’m sure I’ll find one for tomorrow though! Church tomorrow! Yay! I love my church!

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