Link removal requests again.

I received 2 emails from’s link removal service again yesterday, and I actually did respond. I’ll publish both emails, and my response. Subject: URGENT: Please Respond; Help Needed for Google PenaltyFrom: linkremoval@candy.comTo: born2fly83@gmail.comHello, We have tried to contact you several times regarding the link to our site on This link is inviolation of Google’s … [Read more…]

I set up Lastpass today.

lastpass is a password manager. You give it one master password that you remember, then let it generate the passwords for your various online accounts. Since passwords are supposed to be secure, and never be the same for anything, you should never be able to remember passwords. That’s the problem, since my passwords weren’t ever … [Read more…]

Celebration ensued here this morning!

Ecuador decided that it would grant the wikileaks founder’s request for asylum! This happened despite several threats from the UK, that it would enter the embacy and arrest Assange. The UK foreign secritary released a statement saying that he was disappointed in the decision. I, on the other hand, am definitely not disappointed, and neither … [Read more…]

CISPA passes 248 to 168.

The Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act, (CISPA,) passed the house today. There were 248 yes votes to 168 no votes. The hearings were live streamed, but I didn’t find the stream until the very end, whejn they were voting. Here are some CISPA links: US House passes controversial CISPA cybersecurity bill, now onto the … [Read more…]

Links from yesterday and today.

Although it was pretty much impossible to keep up with everything yesterday, there are a few links I’d like to post. The Day the Web Went Dark: SOPA/PIPA Blackouts and the Aftermath From Digital Pivot. SOPA protest by the numbers: 162M pageviews, 7 million signatures, from Feds Kill Megaupload, from Feds Shut Down … [Read more…]

The house judiciary committee held hearings today.

OK, that’s probably the most boring title you’ve ever read. I don’t usually watch house committee hearings, but these ones were on the “stop online piracy act.” I haven’t read the bill, (it’s probably really long,) but I’ve done some research on it. here’s an overview from the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Included in this legislation … [Read more…]

The events of last night.

Yep, I’m talking about those events. Or in case anyone hasn’t heard yet, the full release of the database of wikileaks diplomatic cables. Yep, that’s right, everything was released in one-fell-swoop last night. There have been a lot of things written on this, so I’m going to put some links here. this gives some background, … [Read more…]