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Yesterday: a day of shutdowns.

So when I got up really, really early yesterday, I was reading tweets that download squad was shutting down. DownloadSquad was a cool blog that covered software and web stuff too. So, here are some links about this: AOL/HuffPo Shuts Down Download Squad, from ZDNet AOL Shuts Down Software Blog Download Squad, from Mashable. Cisco

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It’s friday, and other random stuff!

Yep it’s most definitely Friday, speaking of friday this isn’t exactly my most favorite song. I got all my grocery shopping done today, wanna see my list? Because grocery lists are fun, it’s here OK, OK so this isn’t weekly links I know that, but one more! this is pretty interesting and cool.

Saturday 7 33.

Just for fun, 7 random things. I have a pretty bad headache right now. I guess I can’t take Tylenol PM, because that’s where the headache came from, I took 1 last night. I just lost my internet connection for about an hour, my main thought was, what if I don’t have internet at all

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Interesting stuff.

So yesterday, google launched something called speak 2 tweet, ( Google explains it well, but the idea, obviously, is to call a number, leave a message, and it gets sent as a tweet. This has been done before, but the idea is that since in Egypt right now there isn’t really any internet, they can

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I have a questions.

I was streaming twit live today and they started to talk about something absolutely weird! tweet rings So, the question is, would you wear one of your tweets as a ring? I’m not sure if I could tweet anything that good to wear as a ring, but maybe someone else can. My tweets are actually

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Weekly links for 12/6

Here are some weekly links for ya! StatDen Check stats for any site, including google page rank. It was way, way off for me though, said my site was in germany. killerstartups Love this site! It’s where I get most of the links from. readmeo Another site for saving links for later. instapaper recently added

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Thursday 13 17

So, I’ll be starting my meme Saturday 7, this Saturday. I thought I would make a list of 13 other memes, (besides Thursday 13, of course.) Thursday Thunks Asks a lot of questions every Thursday. Friday Fill-Ins A fill-in-the-blank meme. Friday 5 5 questions every Friday. the friday five This is another version of the

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