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Things I’ve done today!

I’m actually going to make 2 lists, because I’m behind and I need to make up! This first one is the many things I’ve done or gotten started today! The next one is lessons I’ve learned, and reflections I’ve had over the past couple weeks or so. Things I’ve gotten done and started today: Spent

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Lessons and reflections over the past couple weeks or so.

I’m going to backdate this post for Saturday, because I skipped that day. However, it’s completely updated. “Productive and funfilled days, peaceful, restful nights.” I know, I know, it’s almost the same as “idol hands do the devil’s work.” Sometimes, when you have an extremely bad headache though, you can’t do a whole lot. I

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Today… in list form.

It was a very short church service today. We worshiped, some of the girls did a dance, and then the kids had their play. After service, we had the church-wide potluck. During service, Pastor announced that there will be a Christmas eve service, and a Christmas morning one, but not one on New Years day.

Things happened this week.

Well not too many things actually, but I’m going to put them in list form. I had an appointment with my neurologist on Tuesday. She ordered one of those over-night oxygen sleep test thingies. I guess she doesn’t realize that I’ve been waking up with headaches for about 11 years now. I thought this was

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