Give me 5

Woohoo! An excuse to make a list! give me 5Give Me Five foods you never want to eat. Sushi! Lots of people eat sushi, but raw fish just doesn’t sound good to me! squid. Dog, people do eat this, in other parts of the world, I just don’t wanna be one of them! Frog legs, … [Read more…]

Thursday 13 6

OK, here are 13 of my favorite foods. Pizza, I’ll eat any kind. Chinese, (of course, I’ve never had the real, authentic chinese food, just the american kind.) Cheese, I like lots of different kinds of cheese (but, I’m not going to make the list right now!) Anything spicy, and yeah, I do mean anything. … [Read more…]

100 things about me.

My name is Noelle, and I wasn’t named after, or born on Christmas. My name originated because my parents couldn’t agree, so they put two middle names together. I was born blind, and have been that way since birth. Although I really like computers, and we get along fairly well most of the time, I … [Read more…]