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7 quick takes 1

OK, I’ve never done 7 quick takes before, it’s a Friday thing, but I think I’m going to make it a Saturday thing here, (for now, anyway.) I’m overly glad I’m not using wordpress right now! it’s under attack! says Mashable and lots and lots of people on twitter! Regardless of weather people believe it’s

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Thursday 13 4

Here are 13 of my favorite sites. Google reader I’m an RSS fan! google reader helps with that. twitter Although I use twitter from a client interface now, I still love it! 43 things Cool site for keeping a list of goals! blogger for blogging, of course! posterous for helping with blogging, I use mine

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Thursday 13 3

I switched from wordpress to blogger a couple months ago, here are 13 reasons why I like blogger better. It’s stable and reliable, (if I made any small change to anything on wordpress, chances are that it would break, and even when I went to fix whatever was broken, sometimes it would still be broken

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Thursday 13 2

My birthday is on Tuesday, so I thought I would write 13 things that would have been on my birthday wishlist, (if I would have written it.) An IPhone 3gs, (the newest one,) the newest version of the IPhone has a screen reader built in! A new desktop system, because mine is out of commission,

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Thursday 13 1

OK, so this isn’t my 1st Thursday 13, but it’s my first in a long time, (and since I moved my blog from wordpress to blogger.) So, here are 13 random things about me: I’m a list lover! But that should be obvious, since I’m doing this. I’m a big TWiT and TWiT live fan.

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100 things about me.

My name is Noelle, and I wasn’t named after, or born on Christmas. My name originated because my parents couldn’t agree, so they put two middle names together. I was born blind, and have been that way since birth. Although I really like computers, and we get along fairly well most of the time, I

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