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Grocery shopping.

Yep, I finally went grocery shopping! But, I forgot one thing on my list, (LOL!) I hate when that happens! When I used to live with my parents, my dad would always forget stuff. I would ask him if he got something, and he would be all madd, because he realized he didn’t get it!

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The post I almost forgot to post.

When I got home today, I thought I should do Thursday 13, then I forgot about it. I just realized it, and realized I haven’t thought of anything to make a list about. So, here’s the post I almost skipped, because I almost forgot to do Thursday 13, then realized it!

Big day today.

I have lots to do today! I start my new thing at 10:00, (volunteering to help a local nonprofit organization with their newsletter, and maybe some other things.) Then I need to go to Radio shack and staples to get some stuff, (a new ear peace, a digital voice recorder for note taking, and a

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An interesting morning.

First, here’s a back-story. I got 3 PDF files last week, which I needed to look at for this new thing I’m doing, (more on that tomorrow.) At first, everything appeared to work fine, (I downloaded the files and opened them.) But then, JAWS, (my screen reader,) decided that it thought it might be fun

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OK, yeah, your probably like “what?” “beginnings?” Well, Today is the 1st day of NaBloPoMo, which stands for “National blog posting month.” So, as being one who’s always up for anything, I’m doing this for a 2nd time. I did it last year, (when this blog was still on wordpress.) So, yep, I have to

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