It’s over.

I just got done watching the closing cerimony. Usually closings are shorter than openings, (and this was by about 2 hours,) but I kind of lost track of time, (in other words, I wasn’t paying attention.) All this to say that I need to get to bed soon, because I have to go to healing … [Read more…]

twisting during relays is fun!

talking about track relays of course, because I didn’t do this during the swimming ones. It’s an interesting way to do the twists, (instead of using music, although I did that later,) I started when they started, and finished when they finished. It’s better to do this during longer relays, like 4 by 400, because … [Read more…]

Event finals.

Right now, I’m watching the balance beam event finals in the olympics. I had to post something, because I hadn’t done it yet, I was going to answer a question, but decided not to. I took gymnastics for a while when I was little. I loved the uneven bars, them and the trampoline were my … [Read more…]

Last night.

The olympics started last night. As usual, I stayed up really late! I went to bed at about 12:30, and got up at 6:30, (the 6:30 part was completely by accident, of course!) I best get used to this, I’ll most likely be staying up late for the next couple weeks. Should be fun! Even … [Read more…]