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Last week and next.

I managed to get on the elliptical 3 times last week, yay! Unfortunately I didn’t manage to make it to church today, we’re going to try a different church next week. I’ve been reading the bible every day since Thursday, (since my monthly challenge started.) A friend of mine and I started reading Two Steps

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Status update.

I finished The Case for Christ shortly after I posted my last update. I was eating lunch while finishing the book. I’m now about 2 hours into my next book, Skating on Air. If you have, (or had at some point,) an interest in figure skating, this both helps you relive it’s best times, (the

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O and P.

Lol yeah, I know how that sounds. Since I only have one thing that starts with “O”, and 2 things that start with “P” I decided to put them all in one post. “O” is for Olympics! Oh man, I’m a huge Olympics fan, if you don’t know this about me. Every 2 years, I

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Closing ceremonies and TWiT moves again.

The Olympics are officially over. I really enjoyed watching them! However, I can say I’m looking forward to getting back to a normal schedule again, and coming off Twitter restriction! I ended up going to church this morning, because I had to teach Sunday school, so I missed most of the daytime coverage. By the

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Today at church, and other things.

I went to teach Sunday school today. Our Children’s pastor is in India, so I had to teach with a substitute. It’s someone I’ve taught with before, and her and I know each other from Prayer Seeker’s Café. I got to ride both ways in the car, because the person picking me up was driving

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It’s over.

I just got done watching the closing cerimony. Usually closings are shorter than openings, (and this was by about 2 hours,) but I kind of lost track of time, (in other words, I wasn’t paying attention.) All this to say that I need to get to bed soon, because I have to go to healing

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