Saturday 7 45

7 random things, because it’s fun! I can’t wait for next weekend! I’m going to church tomorrow, we’re going to first service. I get to go grocery shopping again on wednesday. I’m not going grocery shopping until the middle of next month, and I need some stuff before then, so we’re going Wednesday. I asked … [Read more…]

Saturday 7 39

OK, I guess I was having comment link issues earlier. I reverted my template back to default, and then upgraded it again, I then added back the IComLeavWe widget, and didn’t have the problems I had while adding it yesterday. Hopefully everything works, and the comment links are still working, (they were working earlier.) OK, … [Read more…]

Saturday 7 34

7 blogs I follow, that don’t often show up in the blog list widget, most of these come from “blogs I’m following” in google reader, which is a folder that blogger makes for blogs you follow from it. In no particular order, just 7 random blogs: A Homesteading Neophyte making electricity Forgetfulone Straight On Till … [Read more…]