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Weird question!

Do you ever eat your cupcakes with the frosting side down? What? no way! I don’t even eat my cake frosting side down. Of course I always end up eating cake like you eat cupcakes, unless it’s really, really messy or I’m in a really formal setting.Via that’s my answer

Answering a question.

Have you ever lost your cellphone? Would you even try to find it in an airport? I’ve misplaced my phone as in, I can’t remember which room I put it in. I’ve never really lost it though, as in had it fall out of my purse, or left it somewhere. Would I look for it

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Tomorrow will be interesting.

Tomorrow morning that is. I don’t have a lot of stuff to put in this week’s newsletter. I think I’ll post the beginning and ending posts from last weekend, and a couple links from the linkblog, but other than that that’s it. So it’s going to be short, but I have no plans to skip

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It’s Friday… friday!

Well we all know the song… right? Yay for it being Friday! Of course I’m extremely excited for tomorrow, and I have a few more things to do to get ready that couldn’t be done until today, (and one that I forgot to do yesterday!) Uh… yeah, I forgot to call the person who runs

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Today, tomorrow, and last night.

I’m not sure what time I went to sleep last night. I did take sleeping pills eventually, because I realized I was probably too excited to sleep without them. I’ll probably be taking them from here on out, until blogathon that is. I’ve stopped taking Tylenol PM, and started taking something more natural. If it

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The french donation.

So I learned via a tweet that Wikileaks is now taking credit card donations again, (for the time being, at least,) through a french nonprofit. here’s an article from CNET talking about this. So of course what do I do, immediately go to and jump on it, before something happens to it and it

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package tracking is fun!

It’s fun because you can see exactly where the the package is. Just like flight tracking is fun, because you can se the speed and altitude of the plane, and whether the flight will be on time. I wasn’t exactly sure how 3 day select was done, but I thought there might be some flying

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A couple things.

My order of epicness has shipped! Yay for that, it should be here by Thursday! I haven’t been able to get a hold of my friend who takes me places since Saturday, and that kind of worries me, because she was in a lot of pain when we talked. She’s having some health issues

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Yeah, I managed to forget to post yesterday. I had an extremely bad headache all day, and I slept most of the day. I was going to do it after yesterday’s general session, but then I forgot. I also didn’t prepare to send the newsletter last night, so I might end up preparing tonight and

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