13 Positive things.

Because I’m trying to teach a friend of mine to come up with small positive things each day, I wrote a list of 13 of mine, (although some of them aren’t so small.) My personal blog is working! The domain wasn’t fully resolved until today. Blog tweaking. Installing plugins and themes is fun! Gab is … [Read more…]

13 Things I’m looking forward to.

OK so I haven’t participated in Thursday13, and I’ve pretty much failed my own attempts at making lists on Thursdays, (often, they were shorter than 13 items.) So I’ve decided to start participating again. I may not participate every week, (I’ll try!) but I’ll definitely do this every other week or so, (provided I’m not … [Read more…]

Thursday 13 20.

It’s national chocolate day! here’s a list of other days, including national chocolate day. So, because of this, and because it’s almost halloween, here are 13 of my favorite chocolate candies. Most things from sees candy! Chocolate creams, as long as they don’t have fruit in the center, I like everything but the fruit or … [Read more…]

Thursday 13 13

Here are links to all my thursday 13 posts! 13 random things about me. 13 things that would have been on my birthday wishlist, (if I would have written it.) 13 reasons why I like blogger. this was after switching from wordpress a couple months before that. 13 of my favorite sites. 13 things I’m … [Read more…]

Thursday 13 12

CES, (the consumer electronics show,) started this week. If you don’t know CES, it’s where lots of companies announce their new stuff. I get all excited about it every year for several reasons. First, I think being there would be one of the funnest things ever. 2nd is all the cool stuff, but sometimes some … [Read more…]

Thursday 13 9

Here are 13 things on my Christmas wishlist! The newest Ipod touch. sleeping bag, (for when I go on retreat.) Hickory farms cheese ball, (I love these, and unless I order them online, I can’t get them any other time of the year.) an amazon.com gift card, because I’ve never gotten one before, and if … [Read more…]