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13 things I’m looking forward to, and/or worried about, plus maybe a few random things.

If I can’t come up with 13 things I’m looking forward to, or 13 things I’m worried about, why not do both in one list? I might toss in a few random links and things just for fun. I’m looking forward to home group tomorrow night. Our church has a couple small groups that meet

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13 random things.

.If I can come up with 13. I haven’t done TT(Thursday 13, for anyone wondering,) for a while now but I have a lot to post about! I won my section 8 hearing! I didn’t actually think this was going to happen, not a chance! Mostly because ya know, it’s the federal government. While we

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13 Positive things.

Because I’m trying to teach a friend of mine to come up with small positive things each day, I wrote a list of 13 of mine, (although some of them aren’t so small.) My personal blog is working! The domain wasn’t fully resolved until today. Blog tweaking. Installing plugins and themes is fun! Gab is

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