A question

Do you use Google+?I’m on Google+, and I use it to read, but I don’t share much there. This morning I saw a concept that displayed Google+ posts in a blog format, I thought that was kind of cool, and maybe I’ll link to it for weekly links.Via thats my answerI’m going to church tomorrow. … [Read more…]

Saturday 9.

OK, so here’s a meme called Saturday 9, which involves answering 9 questions every Saturday. I’m not starting a weekly thing here, this is just for fun. 1. Has anyone ever intentionally ripped you off? Or perhaps unintentionally? I believe mom taking money without my permission, (when I wasn’t in town,) counts as “ripping me … [Read more…]

A question.

Pancakes or french toast? French toast, because I’m just not a pancakes kind of person, I mean I’ll eat them once in a while, (which is code for hardly ever.) I do love french toast though!Via that’s my answerI haven’t felt that well for the past couple days, I woke up with a soar throat … [Read more…]