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I guess I’m taking a break from Twitter.

Not an intentional one, but I’ve lost convenient access to Twitter because for some reason, all 3 clients I had installed didn’t want to work. Chicken Nugget was being a huge pain, and kept making me reauthorize accounts. Then there’s TWBlue, which just isn’t wanting to update tweets at all. In a last-ditched attempt to

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Testing Chicken Nugget.

I’m testing a new Twitter client called Chicken Nugget. It’s an accessible Twitter client from AccessibleApps. I like the client so far, for a while, I used to use a client called Tween, Tween had a GUI, like chicken nugget does, (the client I’ve used up until today, called the Qube doesn’t have one, it’s

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Explaining Twitter.

On 11/4/2013, at Prayer Seeker’s Café, each one of us wrote a list of things we’re thankful for, (I dictated mine.) They were typed up and put in a basket, and we drew them out and shared a bit about each one. The day before a lot of vitriol entered my Twitter timeline and spread

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I downloaded my Twitter archive today.

I requested my Twitter archive yesterday, and got an email saying that it was ready this morning. Since last year, I’ve been wondering what my first tweet was, (for some reason.) I’ve tried several services that say they can find your first tweet for you, but they really couldn’t because I have over 10,000 tweets.

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Posting in the morning.

So last week, I posted an article to my linkblog about writing blog posts first thing in the morning, (although it’s after 9, and I’ve been up since 4.) I actually like this idea instead of posting in the evening, for several reasons. Some of the reasons being that I’m less tired in the morning,

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Skipping weekly links.

I’m skipping weekly links because I don’t have any, I actually probably only had one, because I forgot what the 2nd one was going to be. I’ll try to get all my stuff together next week, and post them. I’m in the process of switching everything over to pinboard; actually I sort of maybe haven’t

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