I guess I’m taking a break from Twitter.

Not an intentional one, but I’ve lost convenient access to Twitter because for some reason, all 3 clients I had installed didn’t want to work. Chicken Nugget was being a huge pain, and kept making me reauthorize accounts. Then there’s TWBlue, which just isn’t wanting to update tweets at all. In a last-ditched attempt to … [Read more…]

Testing Chicken Nugget.

I’m testing a new Twitter client called Chicken Nugget. It’s an accessible Twitter client from AccessibleApps. I like the client so far, for a while, I used to use a client called Tween, Tween had a GUI, like chicken nugget does, (the client I’ve used up until today, called the Qube doesn’t have one, it’s … [Read more…]

Quick little post.

Not doing much of anything interesting today. Has anyone ever had someone follow them on twitter, and you end up thinking it’s someone else? I had that happen today, it was very interesting and very, very strange! It’s even stranger because the account that I thought was following me at first well… um… doesn’t follow … [Read more…]

My tweets are back.

A while ago, (I don’t exactly remember when,) I took the twitter widget off the blog, because it was showing someone else’s tweets. I tried adding it again like a month or so later, and it was still doing it. I tried it again today, and now my tweets are my tweets again! Yep, you … [Read more…]