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Blogathon 2009

First of all, I’m dating this post to the future, so it will stay on top, scroll down to read other posts. I signed up to do blogathon 2009 So, I’ll be staying up for 24 hours, on July 25th, to blog every half hour for Samaritan’s Purse. Samaritan’s Purse is primarily known for Operation

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100 things about me.

My name is Noelle, and I wasn’t named after, or born on Christmas. My name originated because my parents couldn’t agree, so they put two middle names together. I was born blind, and have been that way since birth. Although I really like computers, and we get along fairly well most of the time, I

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Wasting time with bzoink surveys

Here’s one I made back in 2005 Weird favorites! food:: Chinese, chocolate, candy, anything spicy, cheese drink:: Pepsi song:: Born to fly type of music:: Country, Christian website:: sport:: Skydiving! word:: bailywick number:: 43 quote:: “Just because you can’t see the stars, doesn’t mean you can’t reach for them.” season:: Fall/winter time of day::

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My air conditioner is in and working.

Last year, we had somewhat of a situation with the air conditioner I had. It was a window one, and dad accidently lost the drainage plug. Needless to say, water was dripping down the side of the building. My landlord decided to try and fix it, by putting ipoxy in it. The ipoxy plugged it

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