Got back Monday.

I was actually planning to stay an extra day, but the relatives I was going to stay with decided to change plans at the last minute. This was extremely annoying, because I had a room reserved and everything! They said they were going to take a longer route home so I’d have to pay for … [Read more…]

My Suitcase is packed.

Melissa and I did that this afternoon, before leaving for yoga. Now all I’ll need to pack is meds, toiletries, and electronics before I leave. I’m bringing my laptop, but I’m also going to bring my phone, (obviously,) a lightning cable, the wall wart thingy, my keyboard and the power pack I got for Christmas … [Read more…]

Saturday 7 6

7 kinds of candy I bought on my trip, (I spent $36 at the candy store today!) Sour belts. Sixlets. Apple and watermellon slices. warheads Apple and peach rings. Chocolate covered gummy bears. A chocolate covered banana from Rockey mountain chocolate factory, which I finished while walking through the mall.