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I talk about the fact that it’s the last day of #febooary in this boo. (Source:

I try to answer the question in this boo, the 27th of #febooary. (Source:

I talk about how ethernet cables were switched in this boo, the 26th of #febooary. (Source:

I talk about the weirdness that is the Audioboo site not recognizing my headset anymore in this boo, the 25th of #febooary. @audioboo (Source:

I talk about not looking forward to Christmas 2014 in this boo, the 24th of #febooary. (Source:

I talk about waiting for my phone to update, watching the closing ceremonies, and the Olympics in this boo, the 23rd of #febooary. (Source:

I talk about how portrait to landscape orientation rotating is annoying in this boo, the 22nd of #febooary. (Source:

I talk about keeping the phone book, and issues with my headset in this boo, the 21st of #febooary. (Source:

I talk about more features for Audioboo in this boo for the 20th of #Febooary. (Source:

In this boo for the 19th of #Febooary, I demonstrate PACER, talk about the legal case I’ve been following for about 6 and a half months now, and talk about the same subject I addressed a year ago to the date. Relevant links:My boo from last year:’s boo from last year: district court documents,

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