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Weekly links for 5/9.

Here are a couple links for this week. ‘@J_Dimps,’ an 80-Year-Old Staten Island Grandmother, Is a Twitter Hit, from I started following her today. She’s 80 and she tweets! Teddy Wayne: Sharing on the Internet, from I know this has a fairly nondescript title, but this thing is hilarious!

Weekly links for 4/24.

3 fairly useful links and a fun one this week. JPEGmini OK, this is supposed to compress photos so they aren’t so big… the question is why didn’t I remember this while trying to send the baby pictures to mom a couple weeks ago? I ended up having to send 3 emails with 2 pictures

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Weekly links for 4/10.

A lot of Techdirt links this week, but the first one isn’t. SOPA Part II: New Cyber Intelligence Bill Threatens To Label Alleged Infringers As National Security Threats, from This is a bit of an explination of the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection act, (or CISPA,) but I have a better one. CISPA Is

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Weekly links for 3/27.

I was actually thinking about skipping weekly links this week, but I do have a couple links to post. ‘A Test You Need to Fail, from This is a teacher writing a letter to her 8th grade students about a test she was grading. How Monopolies Strangle Innovation: Record Label Demands Making Investors Nervous

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Weekly links for 3/20.

Here are the links for this week: Songr This is the best thing I’ve found in a while! This will convert Youtube videos to mp3, but not only that, find mp3’s for you. It’s very, very fast! I had a youtube video playing at the exact same time it was downloading the exact same video,

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Weekly links for 3/13.

here are the links for this week. Interview with the Megaupload founder. This is long, but I liked it. WikiLeaks Email: Bin Laden’s Corpse Not Dumped at Sea, from 13 Internet Terms You Probably Didn’t Know Existed, from Time to Kill Off Captchas, from Scientific American.Of course, I definitely agree, I’m not a

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Weekly links for 2/28.

Here are some links for this week. WikiLeaks publishes Stratfor e-mails. What’s in them? From Stratfor leak: US ‘has secret indictment’ of Julian Assange, from The register DOJ refuses to confirm Assange indictment revealed by Stratfor leak, from here’s the email that talks about the indictment as released, as part of the Global

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