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Weekly links for 2/21

Here are the links for this week. Privacy Score Assigns a score to websites based on how they handle tracking data. The U.N. Threat to Internet Freedom , from Preschooler’s Homemade Lunch Replaced with Cafeteria “Nuggets”, from OK, I don’t have kids, (although I’ll soon be an aunt,) so I’m probably in no

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Weekly links for 2/7

OK, here are some links for this week. Britain’s Highest Court to take up posting realtime news on its latest judgments on Twitter, from the Washington Post. They’re going to start doing this with the judgement in the swedish extradition case. List of lists of lists This is a Wikipedia page listing all the Wikipedia

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Weekly links for 1/30

Just a couple links for this week. Domain Shuffler It pulls from expired domain names and gives you a random one, then lets you shuffle through the list. Thsrs The Shorter thesaurus, put in a long word and get shorter synonyms. I found that second link completely by accident while surfing pinboard.

Weekly links for 1/16.

Here are the links for this week. Controversial online piracy bill shelved until ‘consensus’ is found, From So this basically means almost indefinitely, unless they decide to try and pass it again, but there’s still the senate version. Stopped they must be; on this all depends. From A week ago, Reddit announced that

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Weekly links for 1/9.

Here are the links for this week. One Time Secret This site will let you share something one time, they give you a link that expires after one view. My Permissions You connect to this site with Facebook, Twitter, etc, and it wil show you each app that has access to your accounts. Remind My

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Weekly links for 1/2.

I’m doing a somewhat different edition of weekly links this week. I’m going to post a few of what I think are the highlights of blog 365 from last year. extra set of links. This is where I linked to wikileaks cables, I remember trying to get these together, and completely procrastinating, when I finally

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Weekly links for 12/18.

Last week was a fairly busy week, so there are a lot of links I could post. I’ll start with the 2 wikileaks related things that happened last week. Bradley Manning lawyer wants new judge, from CBS news This is a bit of a summary of the military hearings that started on Friday, in the

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Weekly links for 12/11

This week, I have several articles that I’ve found interesting, so I decided to post them. On The Anniversary Of Cutting Off WikiLeaks, PayPal Slaps Christmas Charity Project, from CATS 1, KIDS 0, from regretsy. This is the post by the administrator of the site that paypal decided to block, here’s the update post

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Weekly links for 12/3

I started my Christmas shopping tonight, I ordered one of 2 gifts for my sister. So, here are some of the links I promised. here is the site for the documents on the surveillance industry. You can also access the documents by going to WikiLeaks’ Spy Files shed light on the corporate side of

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Weekly links for 11/27

I only have one link to post, and it’s just kind of an afterthought one. I found this yesterday, and I know I’m going to use it throughout the Christmas season. jango has a list of Christmas music streams. In the past, I’ve always tried to make my own playlists etc, but I think I’ll

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