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Weekly links for 11/19

So on Wednesday I linked to some stuff about SOPA, otherwise known as the “stop online piracy act.” There was a lot more written than I saw that day, so here are some more sopa links for ya. Tumblr did something interesting on the day the hearings were held, they redacted all posts in

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Weekly links for 11/13.

It’s a quick edition of weekly links, because I only have one link.Privacy Parrot This will read privacy polacies for you, and tell you if the site you entered says whether or not they’ll sell your information.My grandma emailed me and asked what kind of chocolates I like, that’s a hard question to answer because

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Late weekly links.

I only have 2 links for you, so it will also be quick. Letter Me later. Email yourself in the future, because it’s fun! SystemDetails This site identified almost everything about my system correctly. I’ll be going to church early in the morning, but not as early as I had to go last week. I’ll

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Weekly links for 10/22

So, here are a couple links I found yesterday. Archived Book Find old facebook status updates, pictures, etc. Is it old? Find out if how old the link you’re sharing is. I only have 2 links for this week.

Weekly links for 10/14

I actually only have 2 links this week. Share what you make People share stuff they make. karmurl Give feedback to receive feedback. This site has an interesting feature though, it’s mostly for websites. If you don’t want to submit anything to receive feedback on, it lets you basically play website roulette. It uses a

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