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Weekly links for 10/25

I got my new computer set up yesterday! So, I almost forgot to do weekly links! But I managed to remember, so here are a few links. Google safe browsing tool. Check any site for malware before going there. Change the site part at the end of the URL, and it will check any

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Weekly links for 10/18

This is the really, really, really fast edition of weekly links! Why? Because I only found 3 sites I thought were worth linking to this week. Not for lack of trying, though. So, here they are. directions for me. I’ve always wanted something like this! There used to be something called the cooking instructions wiki,

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Weekly links for 10/11

Sorry for a lack of links last week! I’ll try to link to some extra ones to make up for that. Caringbridge We used this for mom while she was in the hospital, we’re actually still using it. This site lets you make a website for someone who’s having health problems, family and friends can

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Weekly Links for 9/27

I almost forgot to do this! But when doing my delicious surfing, I only found 2 link-worthy things, so your getting 2 and a couple links from me. Is it up? Kind of like down for everyone or just me These sites tell you if a certain site is up or down. Listorious A director

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Weekly links for 9/12

Here’s some sites I found this week, by surfing delicious and other places. instapaper OK, this one has been one of my favorites for a long, long time! So, I thought I’d link to it here. LinkWithin I’m thinking of using this one here on the blog. tightURL OK, why am I linking to an

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Weekly links.

I’m going to try to post a few links I like each week. I love links! Links are fun. So, here it goes. We all know I love to make lists right? Well, this lets you make lists using twitter! twitter BFFS This finds the people you interact with most on twitter. Twaudio This

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