Christmas cable.

Lol thanks to my sister, I now have 100 FT of cable running from my desk to my spare room. She came over to string it up last night and I said, “it’s just like putting up Christmas lights.” Fortunately, she was able to tape it to the walls and ceiling instead of running it across the floor. I had strapping tape so that’s what she used. I told her she might want to get something like Garilla tape, but so far everything seems to be holding.
She came to work today, and everything went fine. I was able to stream the morning radio shows I like to listen to, and Melissa was able to vacuum, (although she didn’t vacuum the spare room, as my sister said she would do it.) She said that getting on Skype would probably be fine. When I talked to mom a couple weeks ago, she said it might be a problem. When I asked if she could hear the show I was streaming this morning she said no, which is a good thing. I didn’t have it up extremely loud though either.

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