My Suitcase is packed.

Melissa and I did that this afternoon, before leaving for yoga. Now all I’ll need to pack is meds, toiletries, and electronics before I leave. I’m bringing my laptop, but I’m also going to bring my phone, (obviously,) a lightning cable, the wall wart thingy, my keyboard and the power pack I got for Christmas last year, just in case. I’ll be using the personal hot spot feature on my phone while we’re there. Lol mom thought the plan was unlimited, unfortunately it isn’t and it would cost $50 to switch to an unlimited plan. Not that that’s all that much, I offered to pay an extra $30 every month to help with the cost. If I go over, it’s probably only going to be a gig or 2, and it’s $15 per gig so I can aford the $15-30.
Yoga today went well. I brought my phone to class, so I could record a sequence for practicing while I’m gone. This means I’ll probably need to bring a mat and strap with me. That’s OK though, because my instructor gave me both those things.

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