Quick update.

I’m on the 11th of 13 interviews in The Case for Christ. This book has been absolutely epic! It had me from the beginning because the author, Lee Strobel, investigates Christianity like you would investigate a legal case. Not only that but he asks really deep questions, so that he can get to the bottom … [Read more…]

Readathon coming up Saturday!

OK I had a song post all ready to go then I realized I’d already posted about it! Needless to say it isn’t happening tonight as it’s 11:30 here and I’d like to get to bed at some point. I’m signed up to participate in Dewey’s 24 hour Readathon again, and it’s coming up on … [Read more…]

31 Songs Day 5.

OK now to make sure I don’t get behind lol. After Old Church Choir I thought I could maybe do something sort of up tempo-ish. I’ve decided Waterfall by Chris Tomlin would be that song. Lyrics: Oh God, my God I seek You I wanna move when You move You’re more than I could long … [Read more…]

Write 31 Days starts tomorrow!

yay! I’m really excited even though I have a splitting headache right now lol. My topic is 31 worship songs that I like, and/or mean something to me. Some of them are about 10 years old, some are hymns, and most are probably from the past 6 years or so. I’m going to include videos … [Read more…]