System failure.

This morning I woke up and tried to turn my desktop on shortly before my sister arrived for work. It was deciding to live in a pre-screen reader state otherwise known as when I really don’t know what’s happening. I asked my sister to come and do some tech support for me when she got the chance, (she does application support for a living.) She told me that automatic repair was having issues, and it gave her several options. She tried resetting with personal files, and then just resetting everything. It didn’t work though. I thought most likely it needed a reinstall. I asked if she knew how to do one and she said, “I don’t do IT work.”
Melissa came over a couple hours later, and she said she could try the reinstall. I asked if she’d ever done one before and then remember we did one last year on my old system before I sent it off to a friend. I told her it’s pretty much start and wait until it gets done, (in other words nervously waiting.) That’s exactly what we did. Well, I think I was way more nervous! She was afraid it wasn’t going to get done on time so we could install NVDA, which is now my screen reader of choice, (finally!) Thankfully it did get done around 3, and that left her time to be able to go turn in paperwork so she’d get paid for the last couple weeks lol.

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