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M is for M&Ms and mail.

I just came up with M&Ms on the spot lol. M is one of the letters I had a harder time with for some reason.
I really enjoy M&Ms! They’re probably one of my favorite candies, and I have quite a few! I like the plain, the peanut, the almond, and peanut butter the best. I’ve tried pretzel and it’s cool but weird. I’ve tried coffee nut and coffee and M&Ms is not a good mix for me. I’ve tried the carmel and again they just don’t go well together. I’m not one of those people that thinks each color has a different flavor, they all taste the same!
M is also for mail. I actually hate getting snail mail and enjoy email, texts, or Facebook messages, (although I don’t have messenger on my phone anymore, and that’s a long story!) I actually had to restore my phone last week and lost everything because the backup got corrupt somehow. I mainly get junk mail, so I really can’t stand getting paper mail lol. If you’re going to send a card please send a tweet/FB messages/email/text instead. Or do the old-fashioned thing and call me. It probably won’t get to me on time anyway since I usually only check the mail once every couple weeks.

L is for LastPass and Linklocker.

Both of these are services I use on a daily basis, and I highly recommend both of them! LastPass, is my password manager of choice. I have it installed on all my browsers, (except IE, which I only use if something won’t work in anything else.) I even have it installed on Edge which I usually never use. I’ve never paid for lastPass, although they do have a premium subscription. I’ve thought about getting around to that one of these days. I started using it at the beginning of last year, and now I can’t remember any passwords, nope, I wouldn’t be able to do much of anything without lastPass!
Linklocker, is well it’s a service for storing links. I use it as a kind of save for later service, but then I also use it as an archive for recipes and other things. Linklocker is $12 per year, and it’s worth that and then some! Since I started using it back in March of last year I’ve saved almost 4000 links!

K is for Kindle.

First of all I’m having 7 teeth extracted tomorrow, (thank God for Nitrous!) I’m not sure when I’m going to feel like being up and around again, I have a feeling it’s going to take 2-3 days.
K is for Kindle. In my case, it’s the Kindle for PC app that just downloaded an update today. I use this to read books, I’m going to be participating in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon, later this month. I’ll use the Kindle for PC to read the books that I buy off of Amazon.
even when I’m not participating in Readathon, I usually try to get at least one book a month. I’m still reading the NKJV Bible, it’s taking me a while but I’m now in Luke.

J is for journal.

I enjoy keeping a journal, but I really am terrible at keeping up with it! Right now I have a private WP installation that I’m using. I also just started using DailyDiary, again to help with the process. I was using it back in 2006 or so. Daily Diary is a site that will email yourself questions like, “did you exercise today?” and you answer them via email. I have questions set up for many things but I haven’t set up one just for daily journaling. Maybe that will help if I can get something in my email each day.

I is for investigate/investigator.

Last year, when I was almost persuaded to convert to Mormonism by the local Sister missionaries, they called me an investigator. I really did like that term, it’s one of the things I did enjoy about the Mormon faith. I wanted to be a forensisist when I was growing up. In fact I always say that since I wanted to be a forensic investigator, I’m not particularly squeamish. This comes in handy when following legal cases with a lot of extremely graphic descriptions of what different wounds look like etc.
In general I consider myself an adept researcher of many things. I have folders of links to articles that I’ve saved during research. Therefore I think the term investigator, although it no longer applies to me when it comes to the Mormon faith, I do believe that’s a term that applies to my life.

H is for headaches and hospital.

In case you’re really, really new to this here blog and don’t know, I get headaches often. Like almost every day often, fortunately though, they’ve been a bit less severe over the past couple weeks and I’ve been able to deal with them. I was going to have botox treatments done, but my insurance declined it and my neurologist ended up closing her practice so I’m unable to do the appeal right now.
Also for those of you who don’t know, last January I went into the hospital. I got really, really sick, my blood pressure got extremely low, and I thought I was headed to heaven. I ended up staying in ICU while I was there, that’s how bad it was. The doctors there said I had an infection, but they never were able to find the source. We think what happened is that my low blood pressure was triggered by a really bad headache I’d had for about a week and a half. I wasn’t really eating a whole lot during that time.

G is for goals and Grace.

I have quite a big list of goals for this year. Not only that but I have a list of goals for the month, and a list of things I’d like to get done in the next few years. I used to publically tell what I’ve achieved with Drimsa, which used to be 43things.com. Now that spammers have pretty much taken over and the developers are nowhere to be found, I just track them privately using to-do lists etc.
G is also for Grace. As a Christian, I believe I’m saved by Grace through faith. I don’t know nor do I care to know where I’d be right now without the Grace of God! Oh yeah I do know where I’d be, and it would most likely be not in this world. My testimony is extremely long when I sit and write it out, but I’ve had a lot of prayers answered, and divine intervention, in my life, for me and those around me.

F is for Facebook and flying.

Speaking of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg testified today in front of a Senate joint committee hearing. He was there to talk about privacy etc, after the recent scandals with Cambridge Analitica. I don’t use Facebook all that much myself, although I’ve been using it more recently to share blog posts etc. I actually like Twitter much better! I use a Twitter client, which gives me the chronological view that I want instead of using the Twitter site which gives a bit of an algorithmic view.
F is also for flying! What can I say about flying, other than it’s a lot of fun! I really enjoy the flying sensation! This includes skydiving, bungee jumping, and ziplining, which I’ve done before. It also includes things I want to try like hanggliding and paragliding.

E is for Easter.

We just had Easter last weekend! I ended up going to church with my parents, then we went out to breakfast afterwards. If you’re a Christian though, Easter is besides Jesus’s birth, the central story in your faith. Even though we don’t have an Easter holiday every day, we should always celebrate the resurrection! I guess that means we should celebrate Easter every day.
Of course I enjoy those big chocolate bunnies, and if I could have one of those each day I’d probably way 500 pounds by now lol. I’m far too old for an Easter basket unfortunately, although it would be cool to get just one more. Of course all that stuff just makes it more complicated than it actually is. Easter is the celebration of resurrection day, and that’s pretty simple.

D is for Dateline and dentist.

I really enjoy the TV news show Dateline. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to watch it lately because my digital antenna/TV is failing me. Not only that, but whenever I go to stream it online it just stops in the middle every time. I’m thinking I’m going to download the NBC app to be able to stream it, but we’ll see what happens.
D is also for dentist. I absolutely hate the dentist! So much so that I’d rather go to the hospital, than to the dentist lol. Although I’m looking forward to my next dental appointment which is on the 19th. I’m looking forward to this because I have a tooth that’s really hurting that needs to be extracted, (and six others, apparently.) Not only that but I get to have Nitress while they’re doing the extractions! Yep, I’m looking forward to getting loopy, because it’s fun!