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Thoughts on a few things.

First, it’s been an interesting couple days. My favorite social network, (Gab,,)this one from GatewayPundit, both explain the situation better than I am right now.
I know registrars have to be accredited by ICANN, but it isn’t the registrar’s job to police content. If ICANN wants to police content on every domain registered by every registrar, then they should figure out a way to do it themselves. Of course they’re not going to do that so they ask the registrars to do it for them. In this case, Asia Registry was happy to oblige. Gab tweeted earlier today, on it’s Twitter account, (@getongab, that they found a new registrar, (yay!)
In a completely unrelated note, I started my Christmas list last week. Blah, I’m already dreading sending it out. We have absolutely no idea what we’re going to be doing this year. Both my parents, and my sister and her husband along with my niece and a whole bunch of step kids that I’m now legally related to, (which is weird,) are between houses. Why they decided to sell both houses and move at the same time, I have no flippin idea! Needless to say, Christmas is going to be different this year. They’re all going to be living in trailers, and I can’t imagine we’ll be having Christmas there. Although maybe that’s just me.
I still haven’t decided on what I’m doing with this blog. I really don’t need all the features of WP for throwing words into a form! I know I’m not going back to Blogger or Tumblr though, that’s for sure! I think I have 3 different platforms to choose from, if not more.
On another blog-related note, I’m really looking forward to Write 31 days, which starts next month! Maybe I’ll get my butt back into blogging again, lol! Of course, I have the topic all planned out and a list of post titles already made, but I’ll save that for another time.

Places I’ve been lately.

Yeah I know I’ve been neglecting this blog, but I’ve been blogging other places. Mostly my radio3.io linkblog. Radio3 is a service that posts links directly to an RSS feed and Twitter, and it’s the simplest service I’ve seen in a while. The fact that you can open up a bookmarklet, write a description, (if it’s longer than 140 characters, it doesn’t get tweeted,) and click “submit” and it goes directly to the feed is epic! No themes to deal with at all, since ya know, it’s just rss. So here’s my Radio3 feed clicky clicky, and see all my random links.
After a link gets posted to Radio3 it goes to my Micro.blog site which is: https://micro.blog/hope I really like micro.blog, it’s a federated and open version of Twitter, because it’s based on something Twitter doesn’t do, RSS.
I also set up 1999.io, but haven’t been able to get it to work yet. Don’t get me wrong, I think WP still has it’s place for business blogs. It’s flexible and powerful, and provides you with whatever plugins and themes you want to use, (everything under the sun.) If you just want simple, no-frills blogging though, services like this are the way to go.
I’m thinking about using one of these simple services for my personal blog, whether I pay for a micro.blog site, or just switch to a different CMs that’s just a blog platform, I really don’t know yet.