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G is for Gab and gratitude.

Lol OK, gratitude should come first! However we’re doing this in alphabetical order, so Gab comes first! Gab.ai is the social network I joined back in December. I’m meeting lots of interesting people there, and they all like to ask me questions! I don’t mind the questions at all, that’s mostly what I’m there for. People say Gab is mostly for the AltRight, well I tend to disagree. I was nevertrump all the way up until I voted Libertarian, (hah!) I don’t exactly agree with Trump’s recent foreign policy decisions either, oh and I said I wasn’t going to get into politics, so I’ll be done with that. Gab is like Twitter, but gives you 300 characters, and promises only to censor illegal things and/or spam.
OK, now let’s talk about the more important thing, gratitude! One day a couple weeks ago, a friend of mine said these exact words to me. “Oh no, another day!” She was in pain when she said them, but that scared me never-the-less. I told her to think about positive things, or things she was looking forward to. She said she had nothing. I told her I knew for a fact her caregiver was coming that day, and that she’d probably have a good lunch. She said I was right about that. I told her to look forward to that. I suppose the moral of the story is, no matter how small, it’s good to thank the Lord for everything! I often thank him for the place I have to live, the food I eat, and the family/friends he gave me. I also have been thanking him for allowing me to go to a new church! Gratitude is good, it makes you appreciate the small and large blessings God has given you.