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I and J.

OK, I’m going to tackle the next 2 letters I need to catch up on in one post. Tomorrow, I’ll do another one with the next couple letters.
Let’s see if you can guess what “I” is for, hint: it’s the thing we’re connected to right now. Lol that probably gave it away. I is for Internet. Oh man, where do I start? I didn’t have access to the internet around my senior year in high school, (2000.) Not for technology reasons, but because we simply couldn’t afford my screen reader, (JAWS,) back then. I ended up getting a loner laptop during my senior year, and it came equipped with JAWS. I pretty much learned on my own, although when I actually did get my own copy the next year, it came with training tapes. Lol yeah, tapes!
While I was at the Oregon School for the Blind, I continued to learn how to use the internet, and my screen reader. I also learned HTML while I was there. I learned CSS a year later, while doing an internship with a local computer recycling center, (yeah, they had an in-house web developer/designer.) I’ve been able to be part of so many things because of this thing we call the internet! I’ve been able to stream conferences/conventions, follow legal cases, shop while avoiding the store, and many, many other things! Right now, I’m assisting the developers of the Brave browser, so that they can make Brave more accessible for screen reader users. Without the internet, my life would be extremely boring!
The next letter is “J.” For the longest time, I couldn’t think of a topic for “J.” Until I decided that J would be for jiggle, which I tend to do often. People describe me as someone who can’t stay still, or someone who is perpetually moving. I used to do live streams on Meerkat and make everyone watching, (except for a couple people,) motion sick. Lol it’s just how I am, and I’ve always been that way.