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H is for Hope.

Lol what else would “H” be fore? People often wonder why I don’t use my legal name online anymore. Even the FB page I have for my business blog uses this name as a nickname, (you can never get away without using your real name on Facebook.) Well, the answer is pretty simple. I can’t stand my legal name! OK, so I don’t have a problem with my last name at all. I wouldn’t mind keeping my middle name, in fact if I could just change my first name, I’d be happy!
Hope is a name that a couple people in church have called me randomly before. I decided I liked it a lot more than my legal name. At the end of last year, I started by changing my Gab.ai username to hope, then changing my Twitter name. I registered hopesthoughts.blog last month. If I didn’t have to compromise with my parents and keep my middle name, I might think about something like “Sky” for that, simply because I like it.