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Status update.

I finished The Case for Christ shortly after I posted my last update. I was eating lunch while finishing the book. I’m now about 2 hours into my next book, Skating on Air. If you have, (or had at some point,) an interest in figure skating, this both helps you relive it’s best times, (the 90s,) and look deep into broadcast history. If you’re like me and you were born in the 80s, you probably only know about what took place about a decade later. This takes you through all the way up to around 2006 though, (I haven’t gotten there yet,) and looks back before TV existed.

O and P.

Lol yeah, I know how that sounds. Since I only have one thing that starts with “O”, and 2 things that start with “P” I decided to put them all in one post.
“O” is for Olympics! Oh man, I’m a huge Olympics fan, if you don’t know this about me. Every 2 years, I probably use my TV more than I would ever use it throughout those 2 years. For 2 and a half weeks straight, you can’t get me to turn that thing off for anything! Unfortunately I had a bad experience with Olympic streaming last year, and simply could not get it to work! I like most Olympic sports, but I have to say that figure and speedskating are my favorites in winter, along with skiing, Gymnastics, Swimming, track, and diving, are probably my favorite summer sports.
“P” is for Pizza! I like many things when it comes to food, and my family would probably say that I dislike many strange things. I think for as long as I remember, Pizza, (along with Chinese food,) have been my favorites. I pretty much like any kind, except for the chicken garlic pizzas, (no thanks!)
“P” is also for podcasting, (and/or podcasts.) I listen to many podcasts, and I’ll be discussing some of my favorite ones in June when I do Audiomo. I’m thinking of using that to start my podcast back up again! Yay, I can’t wait!